Snoop longs to try Great Barrier Reefer

With a penchant for bringing guns, drugs, blunt weapons and the occasional melee to airports, Snoop Dogg is an ideal immigrant any country would want. But apparently he’s set his sights down under, where MTV Australia has launched a Welcome Snoop campaign. It’s a series of ads and mockumentary bits in which Snoop pursues his dream of Australian citizenship. “I searched the globe, the whole globe, you dig, for somewhere to start a new life—a place where I could find some peace, with nice trees and birds and shit like that,” he says. The videos are not at all safe for work, nor will they secure Snoop a lifetime achievement award from the National Organization for Women. In fact, I found myself wondering if Snoop’s bid for foreign citizenship is actually being underwritten by the U.S. government. Surely it would be cheaper than all the law-enforcement costs he’s racked up over the years. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Griner