Snoop, Bowie ham it up for XM Radio

SnoopLooks like Snoop Dogg and David Bowie are getting tight. Four years ago, both fell from the sky in launch ads for XM Satellite Radio. Now, they play DJ in a new spot breaking tonight. In the commercial, a distressed Snoop rambles around the XM studios looking for something. He asks Ellen DeGeneres, who is there doing her radio broadcast, if she’s seen his necklace, as he gestures around his neck. But behind the glass wall, all she hears is something about a beard. “You want to be Amish?” she asks. Next he taps on Bowie’s studio, and the singer, who is on air, just shrugs. But once Dogg’s out of sight, Bowie slyly pulls out the glittery “Snoop” bling from under his jacket. The spot closes with Bowie’s 1979 hit “DJ” and the tagline, “Listen large.” For those who can’t get enough of the pairing, check out the upcoming Luc Besson animated film Arthur and the Minimoys. Bowie provides the voice of Maltazard, and Dogg is Max. Other celebrity voiceovers include Madonna as Princess Selenia and Mia Farrow as Arthur’s grandmother.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis