SNL’s My Drunk Boyfriend Is the Sloppy A.I. You Never Knew You Needed

For when your actual wasted mess is away

NBC/Saturday Night Live

If you thought Sophia the Robot was creepy, check out Saturday Night Live’s My Drunk Boyfriend—a life-size doll whose artificial intelligence has mastered the art of having no intelligence at all.

The parody infomercial from this weekend’s SNL pitched My Drunk Boyfriend as the perfect facsimile of your real boyfriend—which is great for when he’s way and can’t behave like a drunken lout in person. Portrayed by an actor with impressive plasticity, My Drunk Boyfriend imitates your boyfriend’s worst tendencies, from spouting random life goals to crying over dead relatives to peeing in your laundry hamper and bringing a charred frozen pizza to bed.

A number of SNL episodes this year haven’t had any parody ads, but this one had two. The show closed out with Cecily Strong starring in a spoof commercial for Chantix anti-smoking medication—in which she objects to being described as a real person and not an actress, when in fact she has had an (ignominious) acting career in the past.

As the Chicago Sun-Times points out, Strong managed to get a shout-out to her old theater company, the Village Players in Oak Park, Ill., into the sketch.

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