Sneak a peek at toilet signs the world over

If you’re not reading the fantastic blog Presurfer, then you’re missing out on some great stuff — like today’s link to a collection of restroom signs from around the world. It’s kind of entrancing to see so many takes on the world’s most ubiquitous advertising message: “This is where your gender pees.” My personal favorites are the ones that push the stylistic envelope to the point of risking a ruptured bladder. “Am I a pizza slice or a pizza with a slice missing?! I just don’t know!” I was also surprised to see one from Paris that looks disturbingly like me and my wife. (And no, it’s not the one pictured above.) UPDATE: The site has crumpled under its newfound popularity. Thanks to for pointing out the Flickr Restroom Signs Pool as a good alternative.

—Posted by David Griner