This Snack Company’s Ads Suggest Several Evil Ways Not to Share With Co-Workers

Fun, strange work from McCann Colombia

When it comes to snacking, let's be honest. No one really wants to share.

If you quibble with that, you're either lying or you're nicer than most people. But sometimes you're stuck in the awkward position of having to say no when someone asks if they can just have a bite. 

Rather than deal with that awkward moment, the protagonists (or are they antagonists?) of two new McCann Colombia ads for snack company Bimbo cooked up some rather cruel ways of avoiding such interactions. 

The ads are strange and fun, albeit a little off-putting. You're probably meant to sympathize with the man hoarding his sweet donuts (the "Dunitas" are a new product for Bimbo, which just launched them in Colombia) and terrorizing his co-workers. But when you step back and think about it, that's a little odd. 

The campy tone of the spots make the behavior seem OK. But think about the lengths this man is willing to go to munch on his donuts without interruption. He is literally channeling horror movies for diversion and chowing down as his co-workers run away in fear. It's sociopathic behavior!

But hey, donuts. 


Client: Bimbo

Product: Dunitas

Agency: McCann Worldgroup Colombia

Chief Creative Officer: Samuel Estrada

Creative director: Alejandro Bermúdez

Creatives: Alejandro Bermúdez / Ricardo Rojas/ Diego Melo

Account service: Andrés Jiménez/ María Fernanda Puerta

Art buyer: Tiffany Bernal

Production house: Akira

Film director: Juan Rueda

Executive producer: Aura Rodríguez

Soundtrack: Laika Studio