Smokey Bear Reboot Takes Warm and Fuzzy to a Whole New Level

Iconic mascot returns with hugs

The new man-in-a-furry-suit-and-big-ass-jeans incarnation of Smokey Bear is all about huggin' and lovin' strangers he meets in the woods. These days, who isn't? (Well, OK, Purity Bear for one.) Draftfcb in Los Angeles created this integrated Smokey campaign for the Ad Council and the U.S. Forest Service, and as always, the goal is conveying information on how to prevent forest fires. There are TV and radio spots, as well as print, outdoor and digital elements, including the hashtag #SmokeyBearHugs. Past versions of the iconic bear—and there have been many since the character was introduced in 1944—would cry, nag, lecture or simply stare down campers while brandishing a shovel to make a point about fire safety. (The recent CGI Smokey was a preachy douche.) Now, Huggy Smokey Bear literally embraces those who act responsibly, holding them lovingly in his ursine arms. At least he doesn't grin and bare it. The hugees mostly look uncomfortable and make weird faces. Perhaps they're mortified to be in such goofy PSAs.


Campaign: Smokey Bear/Wildfire Prevention

Client: The Advertising Council

Senior Vice President, Group Campaign Director: Michelle Hillman

Vice President, Campaign Director: Amy Gibson-Grant

Campaign Manager: Ricki Kaplan

Assistant Campaign Manager: Kristin Ellis

Client: U.S. Forest Service

Fire Prevention Program Manager: Helene Cleveland

Acting Fire Prevention Program Manager: Gwen Beavans

Client: National Association of State Foresters

Director of Communications: Genevieve O’Sullivan

Agency: Draftfcb, Los Angeles

Chief Creative Officer: Eric Springer

Executive Vice President, Executive Creative Director: Michael Bryce

Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director: Jeff Maerov

Copywriter: Nick Micale

Art Director: Patrick Moore

Vice President, Executive Producer: Thomas Anderson

Producer: Jeffrey Perino

Executive Vice President, Group Management Director: Yolanda Cassity

Vice President, Management Director: Leila Cesario

Account Executive: Jennifer Levin

Production: Park Pictures

Directors: Terri Timely (Ian Kibbey, Corey Creasy)

Creative Consultant: Lance Acord

Executive Producer, Owner: Jackie Kelman Bisbee

Executive Producer: Mary Ann Marino

Head of Production: Anne Bobroff

Producer: Valerie Romer

Editing: Butcher

Editor: Teddy Gersten

Assistant Editor: Leah Turner

Producer: Chrissy Hamilton

Executive Producer: Rob Van

Effects: D Train (Smokey)

Creative Director: Ben Gibbs

Effects Supervisor: Jan Cillers

Producer: Shelby Wong

Coordinator: Chelsea Brewer

Effects: Alterian (Smokey)

Creature Effects, Smokey Suit Designer: Tony Gardner