Smelly fanatics camp out for PlayStation 3

Time has shown that if people are sleeping on the sidewalk, they’re either homeless or waiting for something video-game-related. In this case, it’s the latter. Apparently, “central Florida shoppers are … camped outside of Best Buy stores in hopes of being the first to purchase the much-anticipated PlayStation 3.” (The link isn’t connecting now; you’ll have to trust us.) “No work tomorrow, and no work Friday,” says Rob Dixon, who may not work Monday, either, once his employer finds out about his little slumber party. Another shopper says he’ll “be staying here, rain jacket and all,“ referring to the expected thunderstorms and tornado warnings in the area. The PS3 starts at $600 but will sell online for between $2,000 and $5,000 because initial supply will not meet the foamy-mouthed, overzealous demand. Specific improvements over its predecessor, the PS2, include built-in Wi-Fi and multiple Flash card readers (premium package only), as well as an upgradable hard drive. This may not seem like enough reason for such a hefty price, but there may be more factors at play here. A gamer told on-site reporters that “this will take care of my needs for months to come.” Folks, I know gamers and can guess their needs. And if this machine really can satisfy them, it’s worth far more than $600.

—Posted by David Kiefaber