Smelly Brown Substance Hits Fan in Bogusky's New Green Ad

Climate Reality Project gets messy

You don't believe man-made climate change is real. That's OK, say these new ads from the Climate Reality Project, the environmental awareness initiative backed by former vice president Al Gore and Crispin Porter + Bogusky star Alex Bogusky. When the proverbial shit hits the fan, one spot suggests, so will your denial. Or, when the proverbial fossil-fuel-burning fat lady sings, the crumbling earth will knock her unconscious on the glacial wasteland that's left behind. Created by m ss ng p eces, with Bogusky playing CMO, the campaign includes a website where you can substitute the mock poop's "denial" label for such other pointed options as "pseudo-science," and watch alternate, intimate angles of it splattering against the globe. For the scatological skeptics in the crowd, the wad—meant to symbolize tar sands—is actually made of brownie mix, sea sponge, and potatoes. Second spot and making-of video after the jump.