Smells like teen nacho-cheese breath

Doritos’ Fresh Films video-making contest for teenagers is down to five contestants, having inspired nearly a half-million votes and lots of corporate cooperation, even among typical rivals. (The kids made the movies using digital cameras and Apple laptops running Final Cut Pro software, and artists can gloss up their soundtracks with music by up-and-coming Sony artists like Howie Day for free.) The project comes out of Doritos’ (“If not now, when?”) initiative, aimed at inspiring “millennial consumer” teens to act (“It’s about livin’ life in the NOW!”)—while taking their portable junkfood with them. The videos were made under the supervision of Dreaming Tree Films’ Estlin Feigley, who says last year’s contest landed a few contestants in film festivals. This year’s five finalist videos are available for viewing and voting on the Web site. No word on whether any of the teens were paid on the side for conspicuous product placement.

—Posted by Gregory Solman