Smell better, feel better, with Fuwarinka

Scandal! Fuwarinka gum, which promises to freshen your entire body along with your mouth, may not be as good as advertised. Frustrated Boing Boing reader Philip bought some and said not only is Fuwarinka “pretty mediocre gum with a consistency like Bazooka,” but that neither he nor his friends emitted any particularly new odors after chewing it. Maybe that’s a good thing. According to the gum’s own press, it “changes your body chemistry so that you exude a pleasant aroma after chewing it. … Approximately an hour after chewing the gum, the special aroma component is emitted from your skin through the use of … geraniol and linalool.” Pardon, but did it just say—with chilling frankness—that it changes my body chemistry? I’ll just stink, thanks.

—Posted by David Kiefaber