Smartwater Wants You to Take Things to the Next Level With New Product Launch

Showing that Smartwater is just water, only elevated, is the premise of these works from WPP's Open X

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Once you level up, be it in relationships, career, the gym or otherwise, it’s near impossible to go back to the way things were. Tapping into new horizons can be a little scary, but it’s always worth the extra push to discover what we’re truly capable of.

Leading with the feeling of confidence that comes from taking that next big step forward, Coca-Cola’s Smartwater has released “Elevate How You Hydrate.” Created in partnership with WPP Open X led by VMLY&R, this campaign is informing consumers of the brand’s new product SKU, Smartwater Alkaline With Antioxidant.

The launch includes two separate shorts, both running 30 seconds in length. The hero film features new ambassadors for the brand, Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint, British Gold Medalist Bianca Williams and BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester.

Water, Only Elevated

Showing how the “elevated” taste and boosted PH levels of Smartwater Alkaline With Antioxidant helps tackle new challenges, this cinematic ad follows bottles of Smartwater exchanging hands of one superstar to the next. Each athlete tosses a bottle to the next through their respective activities, from BMXing to running and beyond. The narrator reminds us to stay smart by always carrying Smartwater.

The Feb. 28 release is followed by March 6’s release by the more comedic “Same Kid” featuring Pete Davidson in the role of narrator. Davidson starts the spot by explaining that he’s still your average kid from Staten Island, only a bit elevated now. Illustrating his point, he takes us on a quick stroll of his regular activities. Davidson notes that he still loves going to the movies, “only elevated,” showing himself at the center of the spotlight while attending a premiere.

Explaining the added benefit of the new Smartwater, Davidson reminds us that this is still water; it just has that little something extra to make it that much better. Realizing the ingenuity of the phrase, “elevate how you hydrate,” he jokes that someone should write it down.

“Elevate How You Hydrate” will run throughout spring via traditional and digital advertising, including TV, audio, social media, streaming services and OOH elements.


Elevate How You Hydrate feat: Alex Toussaint, Bianca Williams and Nigel Sylvester:

Client: smartwater
Agency: VMLY&R
Agency contact: Steve Stewart: Director of Client Engement
Production company: Reset – Henry Schofield
Editorial: cartel – Sophia Lou
Finishing: Black Kite
Third-party signatory and co-producer: N/A, Non-union shot in Spain

Same Kid feat: Pete Davidson:

Client: smartwater
Agency: WPP OpenX, led by VMLY&R
Agency contact: Steve Stewart: Director of Client Engement
Production Company: Smuggler – Randy Krallman
Editorial: Friendshop – Ben Suenaga
Finishing: Parliament
Third-party signatory and co-producer: CMC

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