Smart Car Shows Why You Don't Crowdsource Short Stories on Facebook

Fan comments quickly go awry

We recently wrote about how quirky automaker Smart USA has clever Facebook ideas that are often too clever to actually work on Facebook. This week is no exception. On Monday, the brand posted a photo of a Smart car parked in Kinsley, Kan., halfway between New York and San Francisco, and asked fans to create a story about the vehicle "one word at a time in the comments below." The result? The illegible ramblings of a 178-headed madman. Fans were partly to blame for not following directions, but the idea is also hampered by Facebook's delayed comment updates, meaning fans often couldn't see the words posted prior to theirs. Still, like any Mad Lib, it created some real gems, such as "Free kangaroo roadtrip, nice and small." At AdFreak, we've done our best to compile this nonsense into a sort of William Borroughs/James Joyce-esque narrative. Check out the whole "confusing story kickin' ovaries" after the jump.