Smart Car Drives Through Twitter in Brilliant ASCII Animation

Small canvas for a small vehicle

Smart cars can park in tight spaces. Tweets are tight spaces for telling stories. Smart and BBDO use these facts to maximum advantage in this fun and effective effort that turns the auto brand's Argentinian Twitter feed into a stop-motion "commercial" made of 450-plus tweets (of 140 characters or less, naturally). You can see the effect in the video below, but it's better to go to Smart Argentina's Twitter page and play around. Use the "J" key to scroll forward and "K" to shift into reverse, and watch an animated Smart car (created with ASCII images) tool down a bustling city street and cleverly park between two other vehicles. (In real life, a speeding taxi or crazed bike messenger would probably plow into the Smart car's protruding nose, but it works well enough here.) J, K, J, K … the addictive flip-book effect drives consumer engagement. The overall simplicity of the narrative seems perfectly engineered for Twitter's cozy confines, providing a roadmap for crafting future campaigns on the microblogging service. Via Adverblog.