Smackdown: WWE vs. UFC

According to wrestling-news titan, WWE chief Vince McMahon is “furious” about a TV spot for Ultimate Fighting Championship that labels pro wrestling as “fake.” The commercial features the lines, “What’s real? Pro wrestling? No. Boxing? Not anymore. The UFC is real!” It particularly chafes McMahon that the spot has aired during the broadcast of WWE’s Raw on Spike TV. To rectify the situation, perhaps UFC could use the word simulated rather than fake. As the Wikipedia entry on pro wrestling rightly points out, “While the outcomes [of WWE matches] are predetermined, the maneuvers rehearsed (sometimes ad-libbed by experienced, or quick wrestlers) and executed cooperatively, and their effects upon the opponent exaggerated, most moves still cause genuine pain (and if performed incorrectly, are capable of causing serious injury).”

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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