Slithery little man angry you had unsafe sex

The slippery, shrimpy, inconsiderate imp in this safe-sex PSA from the Israel AIDS Task Force is meant to personify the doubt you won't be able to shake after having unprotected sex. "With any unsafe sex, a new doubt is born," says the on-screen copy, meaning there's an Orc-like army of these guys around somewhere. The actual birth at the beginning of the spot could be less squishy sounding, but I guess that's meant to set the unsettling vibe. The creature looks a bit like the second evil head from the old Mike's Hard Iced Tea commercial, another ad character who's a drag to be around. "Avoid the doubt," says the line at the end. "Use a condom." The agency is Shalmor Avnon Amichay/Y&R Interactive in Tel Aviv. Via Osocio.

—Posted by Tim Nudd