Sleeping with Adolf Hitler never a good idea


I thought I'd make it safely through the week without another ad surfacing to rival DDB Brazil's 9/11 WWF work in terms of bad taste. I also figured I'd make it to the weekend (and perhaps snugly into my grave eventually) without seeing a Hitler-themed ad more overtly sexual than the "Hitler sperm" effort from Doc Morris Pharmacies. And yet here I sit, assaulted by this AIDS awareness campaign from Germany. There are these NSFW print ads (starring Hitler, Stalin and Saddam, who have very grabby hands), but the real centerpiece is the video posted below, starring an Adolf impersonator doing his best John "Wad" Holmes impression in a steamy, very-NSFW mini-epic that I watched several times at work anyway. "AIDS is a mass murderer" is the theme of the campaign. Das Comitee in Hamburg is credited as the agency by Ads of the World, and its name appears in tiny type at the bottom of the print ads. Overall, I'm disgusted, but mostly with myself. I thought I'd make it to the end of this post without asking whether this latest campaign will cause a führer.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

Warning: sexually explicit content, NSFW