In-sleep advertising: reaching a truly passive audience

In what would have to be an April Fool’s joke, eMarketer has posted a story about marketers such as Coke, Nike and Speedo exploring “in-sleep advertising,” which uses a cochlear implant to deliver ads during slumber. (But good for them for not disclosing it’s a joke at any point … unless—yikes—it’s real.) The story explains: “The beauty of the technology is that the cochlear implant communicates wirelessly with the ad server connected to the Internet so new ads can be tailored to each subject and delivered at each REM phase.” It even predicts that in-sleep advertising will be a $3.3 billion market by 2010. Maybe there’s a marketing opportunity here for Ambien? UPDATE: AdJab has reported this story without even a hint of skepticism. Is it possible they’re not in on the joke?

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor

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