Sleater-Kinney’s Great New Music Video Is a Big Sing-along by Their Famous Friends

They all filmed themselves singing 'No Cities to Love'

Sleater-Kinney's return from indefinite hiatus with a new album, No Cities to Love, due out Jan. 20, surprised and delighted many fans. And now that the album is just a few days away, the band is showing that, among its many talents, it's great at PR. 

"To mark the release of their upcoming album, No Cities To Love, Sleater-Kinney asked some of their friends to film themselves singing the title track," explains the description on the YouTube video below.

It's a brilliant move. Even people who aren't fans of the band (if you've only heard One Beat, that's a mistake) will want to see Sarah Silverman, Connie Britton, Brie Larson, Norman Reedus and many more bopping along to the track.

Yes, there's something deliciously, perhaps voyeristically satisfying about seeing famous people look just as dorky as you.