SkyMall Parody ‘SkyMaul’ Has It All, From a Nazi Grandpa Locator to a Forever Diaper

Fun with fake products

In the market for a Steampunk Buttscope, a Bananaganizer or some Medical Test Results Fortune Cookies? You can find these wondrous creations and more over at SkyMaul.

Sometimes a form of advertising becomes so ubiquitous and renowned that parody versions can stand alone as their own money-making franchises. Such is the case with SkyMaul, the book-length parody of SkyMall magazine that's just published its second edition along with a microsite showing some of its more outlandish items.

While you might wish some of the things are real, like the $500 Condo Pony (cheap at twice the price!) or the $40 set of dunce hats for rocks (the perfect thing to give as a follow-up for a Pet Rock), the only thing you can buy on the site is the book from Amazon.

But let us wax poetic for a moment about the enduring popularity of advertisement parody. From every iteration of "Keep Calm and Carry On" you can imagine to sketch comedy's enduring love for parody TV commercials, people love fictional ads for fake things often more than they love real ads.

Sometimes people love them so much that advertisers will make a real ad for a real product that looks like a fake ad, like GE's overblown, amazing tribute to Jeff Goldbum's affinity for pauses, or that time Liquipel created a real commercial so fake cheesy that people thought it actually was fake.

But whether art is holding up the mirror to advertising or advertising is taking a photo of what it sees in that mirror, you're sure to waste a few amusing moments today reading through the hilarious copy and photoshop lunacy over at SkyMaul.