Skechers Trots Out Mr. Quiggly in Super Bowl Teaser

French bulldog will be joined by Mark Cuban

Here's your latest Super Bowl sneak peek—a teaser of the Skechers spot, which has already gotten some attention after it was reported that its French-bulldog star, Mr. Quiggly, replaced Kim Kardashian (not true), and that animal-rights activists protested the use of greyhounds as racing dogs (true). We don't learn too much in the seven seconds, except that it seems to be narrated by posh, Bunderberg-esque dog-racing announcers, and that Mr. Quiggly will clearly outpace his faster friends thanks to his Skechers. There's no sign of Mark Cuban, who will also appear in the spot. Says the footwear brand: "The campaign focuses on humor to illustrate how Skechers has entered the athletic world as an 'underdog' and now produces performance running and training footwear that's exceeding expectations and impressing runners and athletes around the world." The spot is set to air just before the two-minute warning at the end of the first half.