Six places are still sacred, but maybe not for long

OK, the headline really grabbed us—“Ad Space Now Available on Jim Morrison’s Tombstone.” And even though that’s not really true, it enticed us to read “6 Sacred Places that Still Need to be Ruined by Advertising” by Brian W. Vaszily, president of a company called TopMarketingPro, which, according to his bio, practices "conscientious marketing." The list was apparently inspired by the U.S. Postal Service, which recently announced that it would allow companies to advertise on postal stamps “to make mail more interesting to consumers.” Vaszily retorts, “So instead of the U.S. flag you can now watch for the Wal-Mart smiley-face logo on your mail.” The six places that made the list are: tombstones of famous people (thus, the Jim Morrison reference); the earth’s natural wonders; the sky (he’s not thinking good old analog skywriting here, but something more bold using the latest digital technology); babies (wonder if he’s ever heard of the forehead guy?); church altars; and baseball stadiums (though, he admits that’s kind of a done deal). Any others you guys would like to add to the list?

 —Posted by Catharine P. Taylor