Six gassy commercials that really let her rip

Nothing brings together otherwise disparate elements of society quite like a good fart joke. In fact, advertisers have used them enough times to warrant a ranking, courtesy of Daily Fork, of the six most flatulent food commercials. Two of them are for Mexican food, an enduring stereotype that really should get more high-profile complaints from advocacy groups; two are for beer and feature girls on both the shipping and receiving end of wind breakage; one is for Heinz baked beans, overlapping with one of the Mexican food ads, which also centers around beans; and Grey Poupon bottoms out the list with a Jeeves-and-Wooster limousine fart scenario that reminds us of a gentler time when rich people at least pretended to have manners. Not a bad group, all told, although I think this infamous All-Bran spot should have been a dishonorable mention.

—Posted by David Kiefaber