Site gives brands celebrity seal of approval

Coolspotters Officially signaling the end of intellectual discourse in the 21st century, Coolspotters has launched in beta. The site is meant to show you photos of celebrities using particular brands. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it has “pages for products, celebrities, brands, TV shows and movies and connects them to actors, athletes, business icons, musicians and politicians. For example, Jessica Alba’s page features links to pictures of the actress wearing Timberland shoes or using a Sidekick 3.” The possibilities are, of course, endless. Does Lindsay Lohan prefer Dunkin’ to Krispy Kreme? We’ll find out. What about dead celebrities? Does James Dean still wear khakis, or is he more a Levi’s guy in the hereafter? Stay tuned. The site will surely also uncover some spokesperson faux pas, à la Britney drinking Coke. And it has community features, so you can create profiles linked to your favorite celebrities and products. I’m creating a Hanson page. They’re still popular, right?

—Posted by David Gianatasio