Is Sirius trying to shut Howard Stern up?

Howard_stern_2Pity poor Howard Stern. He spends his whole career trying to find a place with a dress code relaxed enough for assless chaps and company picnics that boast potato salad and porn stars, only to find that Shangri-la has its own dictums. First, some people didn’t like his Sirius ads. Now it seems the powers that be at Sirius are drafting a standards and practices rule book to rein in Howard and other “shock jocks.” You can’t expect much of a dustup from the $500  million man, who had already pledged to stop using profanity. And whatever Sirius has in store, it’s clearly not hounding Stern like the FCC watchdogs did. After all, despite the pledge, USA Today reported during his first broadcast on Jan. 9, Stern and his crew cursed about 170 times.

—Posted by Deanna Zammit