Siri Stars in First Apple TV Spot of Post-Jobs Era

'Say hello to the most amazing iPhone yet'

Here it is—TBWAMedia Arts Lab's first new TV commercial for Apple since Steve Jobs died on Oct. 5. As expected, it's for the iPhone 4S, and it focuses on the device's Siri digital assistant, powered by voice-recognition software. The spot shows iPhone users asking Siri for directions, weather reports, fashion tips, personal reminders, help in emergencies—just about anything. There's an old Steven Wright joke where he calls information and asks where his socks are. It's no longer a joke. In the final months of his life, Jobs reportedly focused most of his energy on development of the iPhone 5, leaving the iPhone 4S to his engineers. But Siri provides just enough of a hook to make the 4S hugely buzz-worthy, too, and not just a stepping stone to the next thing.