Singapore Retailer Apologizes for Writing ‘Rape Us Now’ on Black Friday Site

Brand 'didn't mean it to be offensive'

It should be obvious that no brand should consider posting anything resembling a rape joke, but that's what Singapore-based fashion brand SuperGurl did—and, of course, has since apologized for.

The brand's shopping site featured a Black Friday sale button labeled "Rape Us Now," which apparently was a reference to how low the prices were.

Given that the site's audience is almost entirely made up of young women, it didn't take long for some to take notice.

The brand's creative director, Jordus Lim, wrote in a note of apology that the brand didn't "mean for it to be offensive to anyone" and that he "extend[s his] sincerest apology."

As New York Magazine's The Cut noted, Lim blamed a low level employee for the error in judgment.

"As the director of the company, I have failed to review my graphic designer's work before approving the image to be displayed on our site," he wrote. "I hereby acknowledge that we have made a mistake, and that our caption does not advocate the right values to the young women community today."