Should Nike re-sign resurgent Michael Vick?

Nike is famous—some would say infamous—for sticking with athletes in trouble. Look no further than Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger. But some sports stars screw up too much. Like Michael Vick, the star quarterback who went to federal prison on dogfighting charges. The grisly images and pressure from animal-rights groups prompted Nike to drop Vick in 2007 after the allegations surfaced. There were reports last year that Nike had reupped with Vick, but the brand denied that and said it had just sent him some free shoes. Vick, of course, has electrified the NFL with his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles. His story is seemingly readymade for Wieden + Kennedy to reprise the “Michael Vick Experience” ads to dramatize his meteoric rise, swift fall and unfolding redemption. The question is whether Nike will risk alienating the chunk of the population who aren’t willing to forgive Vick’s actions or acknowledge that he’s paid a hefty price for them and seemingly turned his life around with his second chance. What do you think?

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