Short films set up Douglas Coupland’s book

Douglas Coupland, author of the zeitgeisty 1991 novel Generation X, has a new book out in Canada and the U.K. called Generation A. It's set for a U.S. release in November. Crush in Toronto made three short promo films to get the word out. "10 Questions for Douglas Coupland," above, finds the author discussing bees, TV news, storytelling and whatnot in a sterile white room with ambient music playing on the soundtrack. There are some satirical ads thrown in, too, and clips of various Channel 3 news teams. Coupland's hoser accent is intense, eh? "Colour Samples" presents a brief excerpt from the book, the main takeaway, alas, being that Canadians add extra vowels to words like "color" for some reason. The TV-news theme returns with bloody vengeance in by far the best effort, "The Tragic Death of the Channel 3 News Team," posted below. It's an animated attack on modern society's obsessions with fame, the media and religion. There's an appropriately ambiguous ending. Overall, the ads are surreal, kitschy and self-indulgent, with ideas and imagery that worm their way into your head and pose some provocative, uncomfortable questions—much like the author's prose.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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