Shooter-game ad channels zombie musicals

A gritty, graphic video-game promo with freshly deceased corpses espousing undying love for their curvaceous executioner? And it’s a musical? Must be Bethesda Softworks playing the “outrageous” card again. Having freaked out D.C. with its Fallout 3 ads, the company this time is touting its ultraviolent acrobatic shooter game Wet. The promo has been around for a few weeks, though it’s only gotten so-so traction on YouTube and elsewhere, perhaps because it seems to be trying a bit too hard to be shocking and “wacky.” The gore/musical genre (Better Off UndeadZ: The Zombie Musical) has always been an acquired taste, much like the human brains that the reanimated so ravenously crave. And the ad doesn’t exactly whet the appetite. It drags on for almost three minutes, and the butchered victims are nauseating, not because of their gaping wounds so much as their outsized self-pity. Sure, that chick was hot, and she shot your guts out, but now it’s time to meet some nice dead girls and move on.

—Posted by David Gianatasio