‘Shoot the rapper’ ad irritates 50 Cent

Those “Attack the moving target” ads on MySpace are annoying, but I never thought I’d see anyone sue over them. But that’s what rapper 50 Cent is doing. Cent, who was once shot nine times during a feud, is not amused by this “Shoot the rapper” banner ad, whose target resembles him. Or at least his attorney isn’t amused. Peter Raymond swears that “the character [in the ad] is intended to be him.” Honestly, I don’t see why Cent even cares. It’s not like he needs the money. And people on the Internet have done worse things to the president’s image than this. Hell, people on the Internet still make jokes about the Challenger explosion. Besides, anyone stupid enough to take a shot at 50 Cent because of a “Shoot the rapper” ad is probably still waiting for his free Xbox.