Shoot a Brew cooler perfect for real tossers


Are you in the market for a remote-controlled cooler that automatically launches cans at you and your drunk friends? Well, you're in luck. Have a look at the Shoot a Brew, a cooler than holds 24 cans and launches them up to eight feet away, appeasing the world's laziest inebriated people. The thing costs a whopping $295, but the Web site's product-features page alone is worth the price of entry (e.g., "Allows beverage to be retrieved 8 feet away without leaving current activity" and "Entertains all your friends and creates an unforgettable experience"). Someone's going to get hurt using this thing, it pretty much goes without saying. And yet there's not a single piece of advice anywhere on the site about how to deal with flying projectiles while drunk. Use at your own risk. Second demo video after the jump. Via BuzzFeed.