Sheep star in new reality program

SheepboysThis sounds like something the Skittles sheepboys could get into. A new Croatian reality show airing on the Internet stars sheep instead of people. Visitors to can watch the seven sheep feed and interact with each other, and then choose which to vote off the show. The winner, to be announced on Saturday, will be immortalized in a poem; it is said the six others will be eaten. PETA has yet to weigh in, but local animal activists are upset. The show’s organizer, Sinisa Labrovic, replies that he is “not an insensitive bastard who abuses animals. We’ve called a vet for those sheep that were in poorer shape.” Plus, he says, he’s trying to make a serious point here. The program, he says, is meant to show that “more and more people, especially those who take part in reality shows, are made to look like sheep in every situation.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd