Sharpen your pencils, make some ‘live’ ads

Interactive agency MediaFront in Norway has come up with an interesting campaign for Web portal SOL that puts copywriters in the hot seat. Three writers, working in shifts, monitor the Web sites where they’ve bought media placements—and from one hour to the next, they sketch on-the-fly ads that comment in some way on whatever the top story on each site happens to be. Using a custom-publishing tool, they can upload their “improvised” ads quickly after drawing them. MediaFront says it’s whipped up some 1,000 ads over a 150-hour period. (That’s a new ad every nine minutes.) It’s a neat idea, though the drawbacks are obvious: You don’t have time to make the ads look very pretty, and depending on a site’s top story, you might occasionally be at a loss for words. Via Adverblog.

—Posted by Tim Nudd