Sharp TV Ad Shows You Colors You Can’t See

I love this new commercial for Sharp's "Quattron quad pixel technology," and not just for the way George Takei delivers his joyously gay "Oh myyy!" at the end. Well, honestly, that really is why I love it. But I also love the meta quirkiness of the fact that it's a TV commercial advertising a TV color improvement that you can't see on your TV. It's especially disorienting because the commercial is telling you that your TV can't show yellow, even though you're looking at the yellow right there in the ad. That's some René Magritte shit right there. The spot is the first Sharp work to come out of mcgarrybowen, which won the business in 2009 without a review thanks to the agency being bought by Sharp's lead Japanese agency, Dentsu. Read more about the campaign and how it fell into mcgarrybowen's lap over at