A sexy look at hidden dangers of tanning

Tanningbed If you’re looking for a good reason to avoid tanning beds—or if you’re just a perv who likes hidden-cam footage of women undressing—then Ads of the World has the video for you. Created by the Danish Cancer Society, this clip has actually been circulating on YouTube for seven months or so, with teaser names like “Tanning Bed Hottie” and “Sexy Tanning Salon Hidden Web Cam Video.” (And while some claim it could be shorter and still be effective, I would counter with one of the greatest horror-movie clips of all time.) The creators seem to have outed themselves at a pretty good time. A 30-year study released this month found that melanoma rates have skyrocketed among women since 1980, likely due to excessive tanning indoor and out. The study makes no mention of demonic tanning machinery, although it was probably implied.

—Posted by David Griner