Sex Workers Are People Too, Says Ad Campaign

Stepping Stone, a Canadian advocacy group for sex workers, launched a print campaign earlier this year aimed at humanizing the image of prostitutes. "I'm proud of my tramp, raising two kids on her own," reads the headline of one ad, followed by the statement, "Sex workers are daughters too." Other executions focus on prostitutes as loving mothers and sisters. In a new interview with Canada's National Post, the nonprofit's executive director says the campaign was motivated in part by the way prostitutes are referenced in crime coverage. "If we look at last week's coverage of a trial a couple weeks ago, one of the headlines was all about 'prostitute'; it did not talk about anything about these women as women," says Rene Ross. " 'Killer arraigned in prostitute murders.' 'Alleged attacker goes to trial for prostitute beatings.' You never hear that this is a woman, this is a mother, this is a friend." Check out three full-size ads after the jump. Via Huffington Post Canada.