Sex toys for the design-conscious customer

If Apple made sex toys, they’d probably look something like this. Lelo, a Swedish company, just released the new ad below for its sexual aids, which it calls “the world’s best pleasure objects.” Seems these products are so attractive, you can leave them lying around the house—their aesthetic appeal more than outweighs any potential embarrassment. Lelo was founded in 2003 by engineer Filip Sedic and industrial designers Eric Kalén and Carl Magnuson, after they “went looking for a fortieth birthday present for a married woman who had everything.” All they could find were shoddy and vulgar products. So, they founded Lelo, whose design-centric approach represents “a rejection of the cheap plastic buzzers and substitute phalluses that made up the market of traditional sex toys.” Lelo products, meanwhile, “followed contours inspired by the female form, and were manufactured with the highest quality materials and engineering.” The founders say they’ve had great success, as “a discerning, design-conscious, and dedicated clientèle responded with incredible enthusiasm to the Lelo approach.”