Sex Pistol shoots off his mouth for Virgin Airways

For the second time in as many months, I’ve been scouring the Web in search of the current radio campaign for Virgin Atlantic Airways, which is worth a listen for any baby boomer who still dreams of being pals with rock stars. So far, I’m coming up dry so if anyone out there can provide us with a link, send it along. The first one featured Joe Elliott of Def Leppard calling up an executive, pal-to-pal, and tipping him off to how great it is to fly Virgin to London. The premise alone is funny enough, but, fortunately, the writing lives up to the concept. A spot I’ve heard more recently features Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols ringing up Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. (Yes, rock and roll historians, the band was long ago signed to Virgin Records.) When Hastings asks Jones how he can use his frequent flier miles to further leverage his Virgin experience, Jones chews him out for caring—given all the money he makes—and hangs up on him.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor