Seriously Bad Elf Ale is seriously available

Here’s news about another strangely named alcoholic drink. Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection said yesterday it would approve the sale of Seriously Bad Elf ale, despite controversy that the label – a nasty-looking elf firing ornaments at Santa’s sleigh – might appeal to kids.  State regulations bar alcohol advertising with images that might attract children, but the regulations don’t apply to beer labels, according to this story.  The beer’s distributors, the Shelton brothers, have posted numerous emails they have received about the beer hubbub along with a message to customers which partially reads, "Many thanks to everyone who has called or written to us over the past few days …. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, though we have to admit that our favorite email came from a fellow named Robert, who suggested that the Brothers Shelton should be ‘drown and quartered’ and have their ‘nuts roasted on an open fire.’ Now there’s a guy with a firm grasp on Constitutional issues!"