Serena’s bad temper will star in Tampax ads


Serena Williams needn't worry about losing endorsement deals after threatening to force-feed a tennis ball to a lineswoman at the U.S. Open. Procter & Gamble just signed her up for a brand-new Tampax campaign. According to the press release, "Williams will be featured in a series of playful, lighthearted advertisements and online videos. In each piece, Williams defeats Tampax's Mother Nature character, who tries to deliver her 'monthly gift' in an unsuccessful attempt to throw Williams off her game—on and off the tennis court." She doesn't defeat Mother Nature so much as fire tennis balls at her, which is more believable now than it might have been a month ago. This deal was clearly in the works before the Open, and Serena's actions actually suit Tampax's ad themes of empowerment fairly well. The campaign is part of the brand's larger commitment to celebrating women who "live life on their own terms every day."

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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