Seeking clarity, we look to Al Gore

If you were planning to launch a current-events cable channel, what would you call it? Hey, I know: How about Current? Oh, right. That one’s taken. In a bold attempt to provide greater clarity about what his network is all about, Al Gore has named his current-events network (what else?) Current. OK, not exactly out-of-the-box thinking, but let’s give the guy credit: It’s a helluva lot better than the previous name, IndTV, which gave no clue what it’s all about. But heck, if we’re going clarity, why not call it the Cable Channel With Very Short News and Information Clips Designed Not to Overtax the Ever-Shortening Attention Span of the Nation’s Youth With the Slightest Interest in the World Revolving Around Them? Kinda catchy, isn’t it? Maybe not as environmentally sound as the former vp might prefer. As Gore explained this week at a national cable conference, where he unveiled the network, many of the segments on the channel are branded with its name. Thus, a segment about music is labeled Current Playlist, while one giving career advice is called Current Gigs. Whole forests would be used up cranking out press material with the longer (albeit clearer) name suggested above. And what about a logo? Hmmm, this channel-naming stuff isn’t as easy as it sounds. Or looks. Whatever.