Seeing red until I’m blue in the face

It’s bad enough that I had to listen to Mark Shields and Robert Novak act out their Crossfire antics on stage at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s convention Tuesday morning. (For the record, I come down firmly in the Jon Stewart camp about these shows.) But when I returned to my in-box, I found this pitch about how some ad agencies were asked by Esquire to come up with a cure for the Democrats (as part of “A Cure for Everything,” a larger feature story). Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners recommends shortening “Democrats” to “Dems.” Goodby, Silverstein & Partners wants to play off the Constitution’s “We the people” and use “We are the people.” And Ten United from Columbus, Ohio, designed a logo that mixes red and blue to get purple in a message of unity. Honestly, I was burnt out on politics before this week started. And now that I’ve had to listen to Shields and Novak positively salivate at the possibility of a Hillary Clinton/Condoleeza Rice matchup in 2008 (2008! for God’s sake), I can’t help but wonder: What do those two schmucks have to do with outdoor advertising?

—Posted by Aaron Baar