See Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Get All Freaked Out by a Real Zombie Scare

Daryl Dixon would be ashamed

Steely-eyed, crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon never loses his cool in a zombie attack, but the actor who plays him, Norman Reedus? He might just jump out of his skin if set upon by the undead. The Walking Dead star got an unexpected visit from a superfan, transformed into a brain-eating monster by the show's special effects guru Greg Nicotero, during a promo tour for the mega-hit AMC TV series. He reacted in a very un-Daryl-like way.

See the video below, which joyfully (for us) and embarrassingly (for Reedus) replays his jump/yelp in slow motion. Walking Dead fan Nick Santonastasso, 17, has pulled this prank before on unsuspecting grocery shoppers, who defended themselves with bulk paper towels and party supplies. Reedus had only his endearing personality to shield him.

AMC, meanwhile, has just released the newest trailer for the Feb. 9 return of the zombiepocalypse drama. (See that below as well.) The prison is lost, the survivors are scattered and on the move, and everybody, it seems, is losing it. Reedus can relate.