The See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation Needs Your Support

Ben Stiller stumps for a good cause with an even better name

Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston doing comedy? Based on their recent movie performances, I wouldn't advise it. Still, once you get past the fact that Stiller looks kind of like Hugh Laurie these days, the pair of stars is likable enough in this promo for Stiller's foundation, which supports educational programs in disadvantaged regions of the world. The joke, carried over into online materials, is that he can't decide on a name for the endeavor. "No Child Left Ben-hind," "The Ben Schooler Foundation" and "Touched by a Ben-gel" are discarded. They're actually pretty memorable, but Stiller ultimately takes the high road and picks the "See Jennifer Aniston Naked Foundation." Having gone tastefully topless and done a "sex tape" for Smartwater, she probably doesn't mind. Of course, she's not really nude on the foundation's site, but neither is Stiller, which itself probably merits a donation.