See the darker side of Aardman Animations

If you thought Aardman Animations was only good at cute and cuddly, this new YouTube channel from the British animators behind Wallace & Gromit shows that its dark side can be just as entertaining. See the trailer for the channel here. The animation styles vary, and while the shorts definitely have a surreal sensibility, they are far from sick and twisted. "Stuff vs Stuff" pits household items against each other; "Pib and Pog" is a parody of children's programming; and "The Adventures of Jeffrey" stars an always-bare Australian. If you prefer Aardman's classics, the company also has its regular YouTube channel. But judging by the fan comments, though, the darker stuff is going over particularly well. Maybe before long we'll get to see Wallace & Gromit Go Postal.

—Posted by Eleftheria Parpis