The secret life of an advertising hand model

Seinfeld was right again: Hand modeling is a real thing. Here's a pretty interesting story about Gemma Howorth, a young British woman who earns up to £2,000 a day by touching Lily Cole's face with her lovely hands (see above). And not just Lily Cole, either. Gemma's hands show up in all sorts of advertisements, and have clutched the valuables (no, not that way) of Natalie Imbruglia and Kate Moss, among others. Why is this even necessary, you ask? Well, Gemma's hands are blessed with long nailbeds and slender fingers, which look great on camera, and young-looking hands (Gemma is 25) are necessary for ads featuring older models who've been Botoxed to hell everywhere else. It's hard work, though. Gemma moisturizes 30 times a day, and has to wear Jacko-like gloves when she's sunbathing. Also, she had to lie on top of Rose Byrne for three whole hours. Our hearts, they bleed.

—Posted by David Kiefaber