Seattle’s Best Coffee really goes down easy


What is it about Seattle's Best Coffee showing up in strange, frequently awkward situations? First, it turned baristas into stalkers in that cross-promotion with Burger King. Now, in new spots from ad agency Creature, it's being hand-delivered at moments that range from opportune to inappropriate. (The yoga spot below is creepy enough in concept, but the last few seconds seem to indicate that the woman really, really appreciated that iced coffee.) The spots are meant to convey that Seattle's Best offers coffee whenever and wherever you need it. "You might not be stuck in a tree and need coffee," Creature president Robson Grieves tells Forbes, "but you might be stuck in the office or traffic, and we're aiming to build a conversation around that." The bigger goal is likely to position Starbucks-owned Seattle's Best as a "fun" brand with a playful vibe not unlike that of rival Dunkin' Donuts. Call it foreplay. Via SeattlePI's Big Blog. Two more ads after the jump.