Sears Holiday Spots Are Decked With Danger and Destruction

Christmas chaos with The Denskies

Sears puts some stupid in your stocking as the Denskies, an enthusiastic but hapless family of four, return in a trio of spots by mcgarrybowen. We're talking Little Caesar's-level silliness here, with lots of sight gags, screaming and stuff exploding, and I salute the retail chain for steering clear of safe and sedate yuletide fare.

One ad riffs on The Exorcist, revolving around a possessed fortune teller with really creepy eyes. It's enough to make your head spin. In another spot, a bear chases dad through the woods. Talk about Santa Claws!

In the stupidest and best commercial of the bunch, dad builds a "Robo Granny." She looks a bit like Rosie from the Jetsons, but this bot's way more destructive, zapping everything in the house, including the family cat, with laser-beam eyes. (The daughter deserves an award for the impassioned yet absurdly funny way she screams out "Fluffy!" as the feline's hair goes flying.) I'd like to see granny battle the violent vermin of "Squirrel Revolt," the popular Denskies installment from a few months back. She'd really roast their nuts!

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