Searching for something new

JeevesAs of yesterday, does every search company have a desktop search tool? It would seem so now that Ask Jeeves has said it is testing a service that can search your hard drive for lost files, joining Microsoft, Yahoo and the first one out of the gate—you guessed it—Google, which launched its version way back in October.

But man, it seems that these days in the search game an awful lot of time and money is being spent just playing catch-up ball with the first one who innovates, which is almost always Google. It makes you just wish that one of the other ones would break out of their lemming-like mold and do something innovative, like come up with a handheld device that could find lost car keys and stray socks.

With Google such a powerhouse these days, being no. 2 with a new spin on search barely counts. AdFreak has been using the beta of Google’s desktop search since it launched, and after some initial feelings of being spied upon (do Larry Page and Sergey Brin really know the contents of my hard drive?), we’ve come to love it and don’t feel like spending our time goofing around with the newcomers. It’s so vastly superior to the search tool with the silly little animated dog that comes with Windows XP that we’ve begun to feel sorry for the little critter. He means well, but compared to Google, he can’t trace a scent worth a damn.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor