Seafood Gets Saucy in Legal Sea Video

Legal Sea Foods has produced a video called “Raw Talk From the Raw Bar.” It delivers exactly what it promises: salty, pun-heavy banter from fish and crustaceans packed in ice. There’s an oyster orgy, probably a commercial first (they’re “fresh,” get it?), and a lobster who drops the F-bomb. Legal Sea president Roger Berkowitz shows up at the beginning in creepy animated form, perhaps a nod to Orville Redenbacher’s recent commercial resurrection. (Unlike the late popcorn king, Berkowitz is still alive, so his waxy appearance here makes little sense. I guess he wanted to be animated in the same style as the fish. Whatever.) Bottom line: Why would a seafood restaurant want to promote itself with anything viral? I’ll stick to cheese.

—Posted by David Gianatasio